...perfectly placed

Rod-balustrade on timber pilling

Mister Schönefeld mounts the balustrade after the delivery on his own. Because of the timber pilling the mounting worked out quickly and he is more than happy. The balustrade was fixed on the beam with the help of an angle.

Clear glass from the top and wooden beam

With the ALUFEKT clear glass system the stakes do not stand out. The most important aspect of the customer was to have a nice view. After a fast delivery, the mounting was done quickly and the customer is now more than happy.

Pods for attachment

A frontal mounting is needed for this construction. The pods are easy to mount and moreover variable. The stake can be shifted in height through a screw. Through an elongated hole inexactnesses can get regulated.

Frosted glass up to the upper cord

Mister Oppermann mounted his ALUFEKT balustrade from above on the floor. After the delivery the balustrade was mounted by a craftsmen company. The craftsmen were convinced by the system and everything was done after three hours.

Cellar staircase old – new

You can see a cellar staircase which got renovated. We offered our customer an easy and fast mounting solution.

Clear glass for a nice view

We cooperate with experienced metal builder, who have to handle with ambitious challenges. In this case, the customer wished a modern, open and low priced balcony balustrade. It should get mounted frontal on the concrete ceiling. We convinced the purchaser and his customer with our ALUFEKT system.

Rod-balustrade between stakes

Family Gramlich had to keep the existing steel stakes. We produced rod elements without a mounting foot. The construction kit was screwed between the stakes

Rooftop balustrade Berlin City

First of all there was no rooftop planned, so the customer could not mount the elements on the floor. Because of that, special steel tiles got produced and delivered via conveyance

Completion of a penthouse in Halle

After the completion of the penthouse our customer sended these great pictures to us. The special feature are the base plates which are not visible.

Balcony balustrade in clear glass on timber pilling

Family Nader mounted the balcony balustrade on their own and is now convinced of our service, the product and the mounting.

Terrace Balustrade Nöllenheidt

Our customer wrote us: “… well processed, really easy to mount, very nice and plain look. Compliment!”

At this construction the balustrade had to be mount between two down pipes. Thanks to an exactly proofed draft, the problem was solved easily.

Building project in Halle

Current Building project in Halle (Saale).

Balcony balustrade in anthracite

In an exact grid dimension angles got welded on the already existing steel rail. According to this measure we could produce and deliver the elements to the customer. Afterwards the elements got stuck into each other and were screwed with a steel angle.

Balcony with timber flooring

A nice city balcony with timber flooring and our ALUFEKR balcony balustrade. Here you see the variation in silver with clear glass up to the handrail. The base plates are not visible because of the gaps of the timber pilling. Through the sticking of the elements into each other, the mounting was easy and quick. The base plates are fixed on the concrete plate and the later on installed timber pilling floor covers the base plates.

Terrace balustrade with frosted glass

According to the exact intermediate size of the existing wood stacks, we could produce the elements accurate to a millimeter for the customer. The balustrade was connected to the wood stacks directly during the mounting. For the attachment on the mullion, we used angles, which we added to the delivery. Mister Thiem had sent us this photo after the mounting and declared his confidence about the product and the service. Also a acclamation to Mister Thiem for his exact measurement.

Terrace balustrade „Trendline“

For this customer we could use the system “Trendline”, which does not protect for crashes, but for wind and views. The stakes hold the glass on both sides. A really filigree look, modern and open, without an aluminium handrail.