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Attachment advice

We gladly like to share our experiences of a safe attachment with you. You will find some helpful advice in this PDF.

You are in charge of the attachment of your new balcony or terrace balustrade.

You can see how the single segments get delivered and in which way our fitting professionals would install an ALUFEKT balcony balustrade in our product video.

Basically essential:

Balustrades are safety relevant construction elements. They have to be fixed in the carrying underground steadily all over the time. The anchoring has to be made out of not-rusting steel.

Different weights can affect the balustrade:

- Holmpressure

- Windpressure

- Extra load of flower-boxes

- Self-weight

There are multiple opportunities for the necessary anchoring, but basically essential is:

The usage of simple plastic dowel from a hardware store is not allowed. For the perfect choice of the attachment please look for a building store, spezialised dealer or craftsman of your confidence. The most conventional concrete is the B25 or C20/25.

While choosing your attachment system you have to distinguish between teared and unteared concrete. We recommend the proofed attachment materials from the companies Fischer, Würth und Hilti.

You have to distinguish between:

steel dowel

- concrete screw

- anchor bolt

chemical dowel

- anchor rod/anchor bolt with heavy duty chemistry (e.g.injection mortar)

nylon dowel

Every construction situation is different. Therefore these anchoring tools are only an opportunity for a safe attachment. Certainly, there will be a mounting company in your area, which will set your new balcony or terrace balustrade up.

We promise an easy mounting through the easy stick-system.

All data without quarantee.