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Norms and Guidelines

The Alufekt railing system is intended for use in private homes. Here a horizontal load of 0.5 kN applies per meter railing. That is 50 kg per meter. Example: With a railing length of 3 meters, 150kg can act evenly over the entire length.

The railing height is 900mm and from a drop height of 12 meters it must be 1100mm. Vertical intervals shall not exceed 120 mm. Also the wind loads are considered in the outdoor area. This deepens on the location of the railling and the height of the building. The Alufekt balustrades are allowed up to wind zone 2. Only in coastal areas are wind zones 3 and 4. You can find an overview on the internet. The Balustrade is tested according to the TRAV (Technical Guideline for crash – proof glazing). The audit was conducted by an independent material institution in Germany and the audit can be viewed in our company. The attachment of the railing is very individual. The most common variants are from above on the surface or face fixed to the substruction. The substrate could be such as concrete, wood, steel or stone. Seek advice from local retailers, which fastening types are correctly for your balustrade.