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System rods

The Alufekt rod-balustrade is a real innovation. The elements made out of aluminium are not only attractive, they are even attractive, easy-care and save.

Climbing over the balustrade especially by children will be hindered through vertical braces. Hence, the balustrade is really safe.

Freely adapted from your ideas:

the system includes the opportunity of powder-coating. This high-quality coating is easy-care and offers multiple variations in different colors like silver, white or anthracite.

Proofed quality!

Furthermore our system follows the German norm and was tested according to TRAV at an independent institute.

The rods:

The rods are connected to the over and under chord and ordered in a fixed arrangement of distance according to technical guidelines.

The attachment:

Individually according to your local conditions we can give you a recommendation between a fixing on top or from the front. The fitting of the elements on the different soil types such as concrete, wood or steel is very easy to perform with the suitable connection techniques.

The mounting:

With a simple plug-in system, the individual elements can be easily mounted and are therefore suitable for self - installation . We are happy to install your new balcony or terrace railings, as long as you are in our area.

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